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Eden Restaurant by Chef Giovanni Caracciolo.

A new chapter for the restaurant at the Eden Hotel, which has become “Eden Restaurant by Chef Giovanni Caracciolo”, an important name, that confers pride and ambition to our restaurant.

From 6th December you can enjoy a unique experience thanks to the innovative cuisine prepared by Chef Caracciolo, who gives life to unexpected dishes with the flair and creativity of a true artist.

Giovanni Caracciolo has an impressive career behind him, which began at the age of just 19.  Since then his passion for food continued to grow, becoming his life's work. He worked with some of the best chefs in Italy, becoming more and more well known and respected. Until 2010 he ran the Ristorante La Scala in Milan and has since travelled the world producing his culinary art in a number of restaurants.

At his restaurant in the province of Sondrio, the Soltojo, the atmosphere is truly sophisticated. The elegance and experience are tangible, you can feel the passion for his art in every corner of the room.  It is this atmosphere that we will recreate here at the Eden Restaurant by Giovanni Caracciolo.

From December 2019 you will be able to taste his food at our restaurant and enjoy a sensorial experience not limited to taste.

Chef Caracciolo Kitchen

Creative cuisine that gives centre stage to local produce. One of his rules is to always use seasonal produce, to give guests a sensorial  experience that reflects the time of year.  Fresh pasta, home-made bread and high quality produce are the cornerstones of his kitchen, enhanced by boundless creativity and style.  Every dish is presented in an original, elegant and eye-catching way.

Our first impression of a dish is how it looks, before our senses of taste and smell take over. It is in the presentation of his food that chef Caracciolo combines tradition with modernity and art, offering a dish that not only tastes exquisite but looks like a masterpiece.

His cuisine is heavily influenced by art. In his dishes we can see the  influence of Jackson Pollock; using the artist's famous dripping technique, Caracciolo creates his dishes substituting paint with sauces and melted chocolate. A real mix of artforms that have at their core the same concept, transmitting emotions and ideas to those who are looking and those who are eating.

Among the creative and innovative dishes by Chef Caracciolo, you can find unusual combinations like pork in a marron glace sauce, or  a mixed bean salad accompanied by seasonal fruits, alongside more traditional dishes covered with shavings of truffle. An explosion of flavours in every mouthful, that together with the chef's artistic flair, never fails to amaze, delight and charm those who experience it.


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