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The Valtellina is one of the most important wine-growing mountainous areas with its characteristic terraced vineyards located on rough slopes, rewarded by a perfect sun exposure.The cultivation of vineyards in Valtellina goes back to ancient times, reaching its peak in the nineteenth century.The 2,500 kilometers of terraces are slated to be registered among the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.The Valtellina is a unique area in the world for its geological, morphological and environmental variability. A harsh land, surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Alps that protect the valley from cold winds.The vineyards are south facing, obtained by terracing the rocky and steep side of the mountain with stone walls; It is precisely the presence of live rock, which surrounds the small shelves so obtained, which multiplies the solar heat gain. Such type of vineyard represent an additional value to the landscape .The red wines that this land can produce, with the expert " care" of the Consortium for the Protection of Valtellina Wines, they are obtained from Nebbiolo grapes , a noble grape variety that has created over the centuries a perfect union with this land , giving birth to unique wines.
The main cultivated vine in Valtellina is Nebbiolo, locally called Chiavennasca. The secondary varieties are Pignola, Rossola and Brugnola.Nebbiolo is locally called Chiavennasca and it is considered to all effects the indigenous variety of Valtellina. Other vine varieties grown here are Pignola, Rossola and Prugnola, but are of minor importance being marginal crops to be used, as well as Merlot, Pinot Noir, to complete the blend.The two most important names are:
"Valtellina Superiore DOCG" and "Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG".
The Valtellina Superiore DOCG area is divided into 5 sub-zones or areas of particular value such as Sassella, Inferno, Grumello and Valgella Maroggia.Valtellina Superiore DOCG shows a aspect and colors ranging from ruby ​​red to garnet red. The taste is in his youth with fine tannins, with a pleasant freshness, a sleek body, end and supported by good flavor and inviting to drink. After an aging, longer or shorter, it manages to offer very complex tertiary aromas, variables and interesting. In great vintages is certainly long aging wine.
Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, another big name of the Valtellina DOCG,is obtained from the selection of the best hand-picked grapes, left to dry on wooden racks for at least 110 days until the end of January , in a dry, well-ventilated place: the Fruttaio. During this winter period is the climate of Valtellina to do all the rest of the work, encouraging the drying of the grapes.
By the end of January, the grape has lost about 40% of its own weight, the grapes are withered and their juice has become very intense and aromatic. The pressing is followed by a slow fermentation and at least 24 months of maturation and aging, first in wooden barrel and then in bottles. Sforzato of Valtellina becomes a unique expression of a grape variety, Nebbiolo, and the territory of this charming alpine valley. The result is a robust wine but very elegant with great aromatic intensity and pleasant roundness.
Sforzato is an excellent wine in combination with game meat and fantastic in conjunction with seasoned cheeses such as Bitto.
The Wine and flavors Route of Valtellina takes you into the exciting journey to discovery the territory , the culture and gastronomic heritage that history , the work of man and nature have given us .
There are five roads of Valtellina Wines , corresponding to the homonymous production areas : Maroggia , Sassella , Grumello , Inferno and Valgella , all connected by “Via dei Terrazzamenti “that runs along the hillside on the Rhaetian slope .
The site will allow you to plan your route.
The Via dei Terrazzamenti is an area located on the Rhaetian side enhanced by a pedestrian and cycle path of 70 kilometers which connects Morbegno with Tirano. This is the most characteristic area of the agricultural landscape in Valtellina , featured by terraced vineyards but also by strongly representative historical and artistic buildings of great value and interest. Who walks along the “Via dei terrazzamenti “ is invited to rediscover a history that goes way back in time.
Along the way there are 40 rest areas with benches and bicycle racks, located in beautiful places surrounded by the vineyards. The rest areas are equipped with signs that offer updated and qualified information on all the artistic and historical assets which are easy reachable by the path users.
Via dei Terrazzamenti is also knowledge and flavors passed down from father to son, passionate about the production of excellent agricultural food .
Authenticity and naturalness are the hallmarks of the Valtellina’s culinary tradition that you can discover in the wine cellars that offer tasting of red wines DOCG , on farms that have cheeses, meats , honey , jams , apples and berries , in stores that show only the best of the local products. Many tasty stops along the way to discover through the flavours and the soul of a territory.
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