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The flavors and the knowledge handed down from ancient cultures and traditions have led to the development of unique agricultural and food products. In a time when the attention is directed more and more towards healthy eating, having genuine products linked to the territory, represents a guarantee to the question of quality and safety that comes with increasing strength from consumers. It is everyone's responsibility to preserve and defend the heritage handed down by the ancestors, making it an essential factor of economic development.
Latteria Bormio: There is a special place in Bormio where to find the best products of the cheese maker: is the social dairy, one step away from Via Roma. The store next to the Latteria is an historical shop which was the village's ancient church until up to the seventeenth century.  A shop for real connoisseurs where you can also find a multitude of special products, including yogurt Bormyò, available in 3 different flavors. We invite you to visit our website Latteria Bormio
La Sceleira: The name 'La Sceleira' comes from the dialect of Bormio and means 'cupboard', a piece of furniture in which were stored all the good things to be aeten, all the healthy and genuine food that you would never have to miss. This is the committment of Sceleira: to keep alive, through the work of the small artisans, all those products that only family run businesses can safeguard from the industrial chain. We invite you to visit our website La Sceleira
Il Salumaio: Its origins go back in 1936, when grandmother Cesira, whose mother and father were both tailors, married grandfather Mario, butcher of Albosaggia who had a small delicatessen.In sixty-six years the company has included among  its large clients important personalities from the cultural, political, sports and financial side . The processing techniques have never changed for the delicious and tasty salami made by the Salumaio: a benchmark for gourmets and lovers of typical Valtellina's products.We invite you to visit our website Il Salumaio Bormio
Distilleria Peloni: a history of primates and uniqueness since 1875, born in the historic center of Bormio. Those who come to stroll, alone or with friends, along the Bormio's pedestrian street Via Roma, should walk with a light step. They may not be aware of the fact that under their feet rests, in dozens and dozens of large oak barrels, the Amaro Braulio, made in Bormio 141 years ago and that still today is produced with the same care and passion. Under the ground there are rooms with vaulted stone ceilings, where is also distilled the famous schnapps Peloni and where it is produced the unique Stelvio Beer.Distilleria Peloni
Carlo Ericini Bormio, workshop, Liquors and Spirits: liqueurs are prepared by hand for infusion of herbs, fruits and honey, alcohol or grape brandy, without artificial coloring. We invite you to visit our website Carlo Ericini Bormio
The Enoteca Guanella, created from the passion for wine and the local land, was founded at the beginning of the last century and it is now run by the fourth generation. Thanks to this constant commitment the Enoteca has been recognized by the region as an Historical Shop .We invite you to visit our website Enoteca Guanella
Brielli candy: In the years 1919/1920, Theodosius Brielli studied confectionery in Milan and when he moved to Bormio, he decided to make the most of the richness of the surrounding coniferous (pine forest at the Sortenna Sondalo) and with the collaboration of Prof. Mattiazzo, created the  "balsamica", a filling that gives the candy a longer duration and a pleasant taste. In addition to the excellent quality of raw materials, it is the very high percentage of sugar compared to glucose syrup and the baking process of direct fire are the secrets of success. We invite you to visit our website Caramelle Brielli

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